Less is more.

Nothing unnecessary goes into our natural gum. 

Four ingredients is all it takes. 100% natural and no plastics.

Most gum today is filled with petro-chemicals (plastics, to me and you), aspartame (an artificial sweetener), and BHA (a synthetic antioxidant).

We believe gum can be better. Therefore True Gum.

By only using the best quality ingredients, and combining those with a plastic free ethos, you get a gum that tastes great, is 100% biodegradable and vegan friendly. 

To put it simply; better ingredients and a better attitude gives you a better gum.

Natural chicle gum base

Instead of using a traditional plastic-filled gum base, we use chicle base, which comes from the sap of the Sapodilla tree, a sustainable and natural ingredient. Using chicle also means that True is biodegradable and stays soft longer.

Plant based sweeteners

We use the low-calorie plant and tree-based natural sweeteners stevia and xylitol. Stevia is a sugar substitute derived from plant leaves. And our xylitol comes directly from Finnish birch trees.

All natural flavour

Nothing artificial goes into our gum, and our flavours are no different. Just real flavours from real ingredients, and this is never going to change.

Organic vegetable glycerin

To stop your gum from drying out, we add a bit of vegetable glycerine, which, like everything else, comes from non-GMO sources.

Plastic sucks.
So don't chew it.

Gum bases are at the core of any conventional chewing gum. This is the collective name for any number of smaller ingredients like polyvinyl acetate (a micro plastic polymer), petroleum, lanolin, petroleum wax, stearic acid and latex, among others.


Essentially, this means that the vast majority of gum bases are plastic based, which mean they are not bio-degradable, and can also contain substances like BHA and BHT, which have been shown to have hormone disturbing effects.


Plastic is bad for the planet, and bad for people too. This is why we say plastic sucks, and think plastic should go where it belongs; in the bin.